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Rent a drum kit for your event?

Different types of drum sets, including transport and all accessories.

Hans drumming.png

I deliver exactly what you need.

The possibilities with Tims Toms drums are endless. We can supply a complete drum kit including hardware, cymbals, anti-slip rug and stool. Does the drummer bring his own cymbals? Totally fine! Then of course you also pay less.

Everything arranged, is actually everything everything arranged. 

If you rent a drum set, you would naturally prefer not to have to worry about it. We understand that at Tims Toms drums. That is why we deliver and set up the drum kit on the day that you need it.

What does something like that cost?

The costs for renting a drum set depend on a lot of factors. Clearly describe what you need in your request and I will send you a quote without obligation.

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