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The drummer's best friend

The drummer's best friend

I started with Tims Toms Percussion Products to deliver the right equipment for all drummers.


From the beginning, the drummer has taken a central place in my philosophy. All the stuff I deliver are tailored to the needs of the drummer. Whether you are a drummer in a cool rock band or drummer at the local drum band, Tims Toms has the answer for you. 


I am very passionate about what I do and the things that I can deliver. I am happy to help drummers find exactly what they need.


Tims Toms is 'the drummer's best friend'.

My story

Tims Toms Percussion Products started out as a personal hobby, but that eventually escalated. As a member of a drum corps I was bothered that I could not get the right stuff at the regular music store. There was also often a lack of specific professional knowledge and personal service.


I saw the gap in the market there. I decided to set up a music store, initially for the marching drummer, who could deliver the right stuff with personal and excellent service.


Business went well and I was able to expand to the entire width of the percussion. Now I also sell drum sets, cymbals, sticks, speaker sets and more.

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