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Everything a drummer needs.

Equipment, lessons and maintenance services for all different kind of drummers.

I will find what you were looking for. 

Whether you play drum-kit in a band and are looking for that special splash cymbal, or you play tenors in a drum corps and are looking for new sticks, we are happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Tims Toms Percussion Products

Years of experience

I have many years of experience in supplying equipment in both the marching and drum corps scene, as well as the drum kit players.

Personal service

I understand that everyone in music has different needs and that is why I try to listen carefully to what you need as a customer. I do my utmost to provide you with a fantastic purchasing experience.

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Value for your money

I only deliver products of excellent quality. I cannot say that I am the cheapest music store, but I can say that it is the store where you can buy the best stuff for a fair price.

Strategische partners:

Tims Toms Werkt nauw samen met enkele partners. Voor alles wat een guard  nodig heeft verwijs ik u graag naar  Voor blaasinstrumenten naar

My story

Tims Toms Percussion Products started out as a personal hobby, but that eventually escalated. As a member of a drum corps I was bothered that I could not get the right stuff at the regular music store. There was also often a lack of specific professional knowledge and personal service.


I saw the gap in the market there. I decided to set up a music store, initially for the marching drummer, who could deliver the right stuff with personal and excellent service.


Business went well and I was able to expand to the entire width of the percussion. Now I also sell drum sets, cymbals, sticks, speaker sets and more.

"What I really appreciate is the energy that Hans puts into my orders. His service is endless."

—  Daan Cornelissen,


Rudimental Drummers 

Nothing is too crazy for me. I am happy to help you with what you need.

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